Coimbra, Portugal

The 27th International Conference on Optical Network Design and Modelling (ONDM 2023) will be held in Coimbra, Portugal, during 08-11 May 2023. Within that conference a workshop entitled Challenges of optical communications in the 6G era: a view from EU projects is being organized.

Six EU projects have been invited to participate in this workshop and TeraFlow is amongst them. Marija Furdek from Chalmers University will briefly present TeraFlow and participate in a panel with the other project representatives

Following the tradition of past ONDM conferences, ONDM 2023 will address cutting-edge research in established areas of optical networking and their adoption in support of a wide variety of new services and applications. This includes the most recent trends such as 5G and beyond, data-centre networking, Internet of things, cloud/edge computing, content delivery, big data, data analytics, network telemetry, real-time monitoring, autonomic networking, artificial intelligence / machine learning assisted networks, visible light networks and quantum secured networks.