about teraflow

TeraFlow H2020 created a novel cloud-native SDN controller for beyond 5G networks. This new SDN controller can integrate with current NFV and MEC frameworks as well as to provide revolutionary features for flow aggregation, management (service layer), network equipment integration (infrastructure layer), and AI/ML-based security and forensic evidence for multi-tenancy

The project proposes an integrated solution for tackling various challenges of B5G networks to support service providers and telecommunication operators in their journey towards future networks.


  • Provide a novel SDN controller for B5G networks that evolves network flow management to cloud-scale requirements in order to support a 10x increase of connectivity services
  • Accelerate innovation in transport and IP networks to support telecom operators on the provision of better connectivity for communities around the world
  • Integrate the TeraFlow OS with distributed computing including Multi-access Edge Computing for enabling multi-tenancy and inter-domain connectivity through Transport Network Slices
  • Automate service management for transport network slices by mapping physical resources and ensure a highly scalable manner to deal with massive number of requests
  • Development of an ML-based Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for protecting the TeraFlow network and infrastructure against advanced threats at the L0-L4 layers
  • Design and development of a scalable and trustworthy distributed ledger using blockchain mechanisms and smart contracts to simplify and secure network management