This document provides the first release of the proposed use cases, requirements, architecture design, business models and data models for the TeraFlow OS.
This document represents the first deliverable of the TeraFlow project’s business-related activities.
This deliverable reports the ongoing efforts i) towards the definition of the scenarios for the experimental activities, and ii) to introduce and explain the tools chosen to coordinate the prototyp
This report targets the design and the development of the TeraFlow OS Security and Integration components that are essential for future network security.
This deliverable leverages MS2.1 and MS3.1 to provide (i) implementation aspects of the core components of the TeraFlow operating system (OS) along with (ii) a preliminary evaluation of these compo


We demonstrate a scalable processing of OPM data using ML to detect anomalies in optical services at run time.
Moving forward from 5G to 6G, one critical open challenge is customer-driven and autonomous networks management.
A novel framework for in-network P4 processing of distributed telemetry data is presented, enabling effective soft failure detection and recovery strategies enforced in just few microseconds.
We experimentally demonstrate an SDN architecture for WDM VNTs to offload pass-through high bit-rate optical channels from overloaded ROADMs by provisioning spatial channels between the source and
This paper discusses the advantages and challenges of multiple architectures that consider the negotiation of inter-domain transport network slices using blockchain technologies.

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