This deliverable provides a report of the dissemination, communication, collaboration, standardisation and exploitation activities performed during the last 18 months of the project, including an a
This deliverable provides an initial assessment of the market conditions and opportunities for TeraFlow, as well as a report of the dissemination, communication, collaboration and standardisation a
This deliverable provides an initial strategy towards dissemination, communication, collaboration and standardisation together with the action plan to carry out during the project.  
Final release of the pilots, experimental evaluation and roadmap.  
First deployment of the pilots and initial evaluation analysis.  


17th International Conference on Network and Service Management
in Proceedings of Photonics in Switching and Computing Conference, 27 -29 September 2021, virtual event.
The hierarchical token bucket (HTB) algorithm allows to specify per-flow bitrate guarantees and enables excess bandwidth sharing between flows of the same class.
Network operators have been dealing with the necessity of a dynamic network resources allocation to provide a new generation of customer-tailored applications.

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