Castelldefels, Barcelona (Spain)

TFS#3 Meetings will take place on 16-18 October 2023, hosted by CTTC in Castelldefels, Barcelona. 
•  TFS#3 Hackfest: 16-17 October 2023 
•  TFS#3 Plenary: 17 October 2023
•  TFS#3 Ecosystem Day: 18 October 2023

These events will be colocated with the ACROSS project (HPC, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence convergent platform) plenary meeting. 

This hackfest will be dedicated to the use of P4 in TeraFlowSDN, starting with an overview, followed by a gradual walkthrough of an end-to-end P4 based demo, then a more interactive session. Sessions will be led by key members of the TeraFlowSDN community. Participants will be able to build their own hands on experience of P4 forwarding with TeraFlowSDN: deployment, configuration, operation, monitoring, update, etc

The meetings will take place at the Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC) which is located at the Mediterranean Technology Park (MTP), in the metropolitan area of Castelldefels (Barcelona). We look forward to seeing you there!

Projects are also welcome to present their research interests or deployments using TFS in the TFS3 Ecosystem Day. The call for presentations have been extended to September 29th, 2023!