Basel, Switzerland

The European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) is the continent’s largest event in the field and one of the most prestigious and traditional events on optical communications worldwide. ECOC also features Europe’s largest exhibition in the field.

Two papers from TeraFlow have been accepted for this event: "Experimental Demonstration of Transport Network Slicing with SLA Using the TeraFlowSDN Controller” and “Dynamic Upgrade/Downgrade of WDM Link Capacity in SDN-enabled WDM”

Conference website

WS04 "Adaptive everything! Do optical networks really need more flexibility?" will feature talks from industry and academy will take place on Sunday 18th September. Our colleague Marija Furdek from Chalmers will discuss there the question "Do network automation and security go hand in hand?"

On Wednesday 21st September at 10:15-15:45, in Foyer 3rd Floor, the Demo Zone will provide the opportunity to see live demonstrations and prototypes of research projects, corresponding to all relevant topics of the conference. Our colleagues Lluis Gifre Renom, Daniel King, Adrian Farrel, Ramon Casellas, Ricardo Martinez, Juan-Pedro Fernández-Palacios, Oscar Gonzalez De Dios, José Pedreño-Manresa, Achim Autenrieth, Raul Muñoz and Ricard Vilalta (from Old Dog Consulting, Telefonica I+D, ADVA Optical Networking SE, Centre Tecnologic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya) will present the demo Tu2.3 "Experimental Demonstration of Transport Network Slicing with SLA Using the TeraFlowSDN Controller". This demo will present the TeraFlowSDN controller as a solution to provide dedicated transport network slices with SLAs. To this end, the demo will detail how the interface between an NFV orchestrator and the SDN controller can provide transport network slices using protected disjoint paths.