Barcelona, Spain

NGON & DCI World provides the global go-to meeting place for optical networking professionals to formulate and benchmark strategic and technical frameworks, learn about new technologies on the horizon and equipping their network with the best possible operating strategy and technology advancements, to operate ahead of the competitive curve.


On June 21st 2022, TeraFlow hosted a pre-conference workshop in the framework of this conference entitled “TeraFlow SDN: Where Research and Open Networking Meets Industry”. The workshop was presented by  Daniel King (ODC), Óscar González de Dios (TID), Ricard Vilalta (CTTC) and Stephen Neidlinger (ADVA) and covered the following topics:

  • The need for smart open-source connectivity from research to industry PoCs
  • Development of open standards for advanced applications over optical infrastructure
  • Operator-driven deployment scenarios of advanced applications using IP over DWDM
  • Findings and next steps for industry using open networking over optical networks