Rome, Italy

TeraFlow will be part of the Workshop on “AI/ML-driven Autonomous 6G networks” organised by the 6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association (6G-IA) that will take place on Monday May 29th, 2023, from 16.15 to 18.00 in the framework of the IEEE ICC’23 conference in Rome.

The agenda will be as follows:

  1. ARIADNE: Autonomous UE-AP associations in a dense and evolving 6G network, Edwin Yaqub
  2. TeraFlow:  TeraFlow SDN controller for AI-based cybersecurity and network automation, Ricard Vilalta
  3. B5G-OPEN: Real-time Autonomous Optical Operation: from Vision to Development in B5G-Open, Luis Velasco
  4. 5GASP: AI Driven enabler for NetApps, Xenofon Vasilakos
  5. DAEMON: Design, development and prototyping of Network Intelligence plane, Miguel Camelo
  6. Hexa-X: AI/ML-based Management and Orchestration for the Future 6G networks the Hexa-X Vision, Giada Landi

The workshop will be moderated by Alex Kaloxylos, Executive Director of the 6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association (6G-IA).