Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The ACM SIGCOMM 2022 conference seeks papers describing significant research contributions to the field of communication networks and networked systems.

The conference took place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on August 22 - 26, 2022.

In the framework of this conference, Daniel King from Old Dog Consuting in TeraFlow chaired the FIRA’22 Workshop on Future of Internet Routing & Addressing on 22nd August. All accepted papers were published in the proceedings by ACM SIGCOMM (see the list of the papers in the attachments).

Three papers from TeraFlow members were accepted:

  • "Towards Assessing Effects of Isolation on Determinism in Multi-Application Scenarios" by Stanislav Lange, Marija Gajić, Thomas Zinner, Jane Frances Pajo, Håkon Lønsethagen, Min Xie and Ricard Vilalta. Link to presentation
  • Supporting Future Internet Services with Extensible In band Processing (EIP)Stefano Salsano, Giulio Sidoretti, Carmine Scarpitta, Hesham ElBakoury, Diego R. Lopez, Lorenzo Bracciale, Pierpaolo Loreti. Link to presentation
  • Providing More Than 'Just' Reachability Through Semantic Networking” - Keynote Paper - Dirk Trossen, Adrian Farrel, Daniel King, Mohamed Boucadair, Luis Miguel Contreras Murillo. Link to presentation