OMNeT++ is a public-source, component-based, modular and open-architecture simulation environment with strong GUI support and an embeddable simulation kernel. It is designed to simulate discrete event systems, with the simulation of communication networks as one of its primary application areas.

In continuation of the history of the International Workshop on OMNeT++ and seven very successful editions of its reincarnation, the OMNeT++ Community Summit, we continue to hold a yearly open meeting for all OMNeT++ community members with fewer costs and more interaction possibilities. The Community Summit provides a forum for tutorials, discussion sessions and presentations on recent developments and novel ideas in the area of simulation and modeling, with a focus on the OMNeT++ simulation environment.

The paper "HTBQueue: A Hierarchical Token Bucket Implementation for the OMNeT++/INET Framework" written by Marcin Bosk, Marija Gajic, Susanna Schwarzmann, Stanislav Lange and Thomas Zinner, will be presented on September 8th.