This conference is expected to reach new heights in addressing contemporary topics of interest to the industry. Building upon the success of its predecessors will continue to offer great insight into emerging solutions and technologies that promises to shape the next generation networks.

The event will cover interesting areas of Big Data & Self-Learning Networks, Cloud Networks and Data Centers, Virtualization, Network Analytics, Security Monitoring and Forensic Analysis, Networking and Computing Infrastructure Management, Software Defined Networks (SDN), and Open Source- Software and Technologies.

Adrian Farrel from Old Dog Consulting will feature TeraFlow project within the session "IETF Network Slicing".

Abstract of the session:

Network slicing has emerged as an important concept in the operation of networks that deliver a wide variety of complex services over disparate and shared network resources. With its roots firmly in the 3GPP specification of 5G networks, and with the intention of enabling flexible and performance-sensitive applications, network slicing is being considered as a key operational practice in networks that use IETF technologies.

The IETF has been working to specify a common architecture and framework that is applicable to any network that uses an IETF technology (whether it be IP, Segment Routing, MPLS, or a GMPLS-managed lower-layer network). This places the IETF Network Slice as a "transport slice" in the context of the 3GPP's end-to-end slicing architecture, but also allows operators to provide network slice services to customers for their own use.

This talk will look at the history of IETF Network Slicing, present the architecture, and explain the common terms. As the IETF's work progresses (including at this week's interim meeting of the TEAS working group), the presenter will include the latest updates on the northbound "slicing as a service" YANG interface and an introduction to the three different solution models on the table.


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