San Diego, California (USA)

OFC is the largest global conference and exhibition for optical communications and networking professionals. The program goes from research to marketplace, from components to systems and networks and from technical sessions to the exhibition. OFC draws attendees from all corners of the globe. Next edition for OFC 2023 will take place in San Diego, California (USA) on 05 – 09 March 2023

Five TeraFlow papers have been accepted for this conference:

“P4-based Telemetry Processing for Fast Soft Failure Recovery in Packet-Optical Networks”

  • Filippo Cugini
  • Carlos Natalino
  • Davide Scano
  • Francesco Paolucci and Paolo Monti

“Dynamic bypass of wavelength switching in SDN-enabled WDM VNTs over SDM Networks with high bit-rate optical channels”

  • R. Muñoz
  • C. Manso
  • F. Balasis
  • D. Soma
  • S. Beppu
  • R. Casellas
  • Ll. Gifre
  • R. Vilalta
  • R. Martínez
  • N. Yoshikane and T. Tsuritani

Invited paper: “End-to-End Inter-domain Transport Network Slice Management Using DLT-enabled Cloud-based SDN Controllers”

  • R. Vilalta
  • P. Alemany
  • Ll. Gifre
  • R. Martínez
  • R. Casellas
  • R. Muñoz

Demo paper: “Slice Grouping for Transport Network Slices Using Hierarchical Multi-domain SDN Controllers”

  • Ll. Gifre
  • R. Vilalta
  • J.C. Caja-Díaz
  • O. Gonzalez de Dios
  • J.P. Fernandez-Palacios
  • J. Pedreño-Manresa
  • A. Autenrieth
  • M. Silvola
  • N. Carapellese
  • M. Milano
  • A. Farrel
  • D. King
  • R. Martinez
  • R. Casellas and R. Muñoz

Demo paper: “Demonstration of a Scalable and Efficient Pipeline for ML-based Optical Monitoring”

  • Carlos Natalino
  • Lluis Gifre
  • Raul Muñoz
  • Ricard Vilalta
  • Marija Furdek and Paolo Monti