London, UK

The IETF-115 meeting took place in London and online with a plenary session. Working group and other sessions started on Monday, 7 November and run through Friday, 11 November 2022.

TeraFlow is making significant contributions to the standardisation work of the IETF specially through our colleagues Adrian Farrel and Daniel King from Old Dog Consulting with the collaboration of other members of the project.

Three TeraFlow drafts were presented at the TEAS (Traffic Engineering Signaling and Architecture) working group meetings. The TEAS working group is where traffic engineering in the IETF is predominantly developed and is specifically responsible for network slicing.

A further TeraFlow Internet-Draft, "Extensions to the Access Control Lists (ACLs) YANG Model", was presented in the Netmod working group.

As a follow-up to the successful Future Internet Routing and Addressing (FIRA) workshop at SIGCOMM, an unofficial side meeting was organised during IETF-115. This side meeting also helped to promote two TeraFlow drafts.

Read more about TeraFlow contributions to IETF-115 in our blog section. Recordings of all IETF sessions are also available on the IETF YouTube channel.