On Monday 13th February 2023 at 2:00 pm CET (1:00 pm UTC), the second release of TeraFlow was officially presented on an ETSI webinar through its Brighttalk Channel. This webinar offered an overview of the recently announced ETSI TeraFlowSDN release 2.0, and a demonstration of some of its latest features.

In this second TeraFlowSDN release, a big focus is put on scalability and resilience of the controller, with a complete re-design of the Context Component to include a scalable database (i.e., CrocoachDB) to support the most stringent non-functional requirements.

This second release also puts a stake on network automation, with the implementation of lots of new workflows, including L3VPN establishment with SLA, multi-layer topology discovery, service Access Control List (ACL), service restoration, service location-awareness, traffic engineering, slice SLA enforcement, slice grouping, forecasting, inter-domain slice SLA enforcement, inter-domain connectivity provisioning and SLA enforcement using DLT, and Energy-aware network service placement.

The webinar introduced not only the highlights of this new release but also some demonstrations of the new system capabilities. The online event was presented by Ricard Vilalta (Chair ETSI TeraFlowSDN, CTTC); Juan Pedro Fernández-Palacios (Member LG ETSI TeraFlowSDN, Telefónica) and Lluis Gifre (TSC Chair ETSI TeraFlowSDN | CTTC).

(Registration is free of charge but compulsory to see the video recording).