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Chalmers has developed leading research in the areas of life sciences, materials science, information technology, micro-and nanotechnology, environmental sciences and energy. Chalmers has an extensive track record of engaging in EU funded research projects. In the Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation, Chalmers has participated in over 800 projects. On a continuous basis Chalmers is involved in approximately 150 EU-projects with an annual EU funding (2018) for research of 22 M€.
CHAL leads T2.1 and contributes to the definition of the TeraFlow OS architecture and data model. CHAL is involved in WP3 to implement orchestration methods for traffic steering and failure/attack recovery. CHAL also participates in WP4 for developing techniques for the identification and mitigation of cybersecurity threats. CHAL leads the activities in WP5 and T5.3 for the integration and demonstration efforts related to the cybersecurity use case related. Finally, CHAL participates in the dissemination activities of WP6.