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A company building a cloud native platform to create and manage IP virtual routers with control plane in the cloud and data plane running in white label switches managed by a software-based Volta Agent. Volta´s platform enables centralized management of vrouters in a programmatic way through native gRPC API and NETCON/YANG open standards, provides a scalable and highly available control plane and it is specially suited for enabling network level services such as MPLS-based L2VPN and L3VPN at the edge of the network in Cell Gateway and Provider Edge roles.
Volta participates mainly in WP3-related activities for providing virtual routers to be managed via the scalable SDN controller through its SouthBound Interface (SBI) using NETCON/YANG open standards, developing all the necessary YANG models following open standards such us OpenConfig as required to support Teraflows use cases, and contributing to the design and implementation of the SDN controller version built with Erlang, in collaboration with fellow consortium member Spritzinger.