Founded in 1988, is the innovation company of the Telefónica Group, contributing to the Group’s competitiveness through technological innovation. TID staff has a long experience in new network architectures, infrastructure security and security services, and is involved in several internal initiatives and collaboration projects related to them.
TID is the Technical Manager in TeraFlow. TID is responsible to lead the project towards an industrial solution that will fulfil operators needs. To do so, TID coordinates WP2 that deals with the use cases and requirements, architecture, technoeconomic studies and data models. TID contributes with the definition of TeraFlow architecture including YANG models to deal with the network functions for multi-layer and network slicing scenarios. TID provides the facilities to demonstrate the use cases for Autonomous network B5G and Cybersecurity. As key industrial partner, TID also contributes to the standardization, dissemination and exploitation activities.