As the last set of 5G PPP phase 3 projects have started, the new 5G Infrastructure Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects brochure is available!

The third phase of the 5G Public-Private Partnership co-financed by the European Commission under the H2020 research and innovation programme fully reflects the European 5G policy based on a massive adoption of 5G network infrastructures by vertical industries. The full promise of 5G based on the implementation of the Standalone option to serve advanced use cases from vertical industries is still to fully materialise.

The 5G PPP Phase 3 provides massive support to this objective, with comprehensive trial and pilot opportunities offered not only to the ICT industry but also to vertical user industries to test their innovative use cases with large scale 5G infrastructures. With 53 running projects representing 430 million EUR public investments, more than 570 beneficiaries including about 80% of industrial actors and more than 40% of SMEs, this third Phase represents one of the largest incentive programmes towards 5G adoption by industrial users in the world. Many domains have been successfully addressed through trials and pilots, notably automotive, healthcare and remote monitoring and operations, collaborative media production, logistic application in harbours, public safety life-critical intervention, connected ambulances, large scale events with PMSE applications, and many more.

Beyond pilots, the Third Phase of the 5G PPP has also allowed progressing on specific technological issues contemplated by 3G PP for future releases. Typical cases include very high precision positioning, industrial IoT, broadcast option, NTN scenarios including satellites or drones, blockchain-based security to name a few.

Finally, this third Phase prepares our European stakeholders for the future, with the implementation of 9 projects dedicated to early studies on what Beyond 5G or 6G could be.

TeraFlow is featured at page 65 within the Chapter of Smart Connectivity Beyond 5G where related projects are also presented: 6G BRAINS, AI@EDGE, DAEMON, DEDICAT6G, HEXA-X, MARSAL, REINDEER, RISE-6G.